Familiarise yourself with our small batch wine producers

Most of our range is dedicated to working directly with small batch wine producers and we mean that. All of the wines we import directly are people we know personally. Why is this important? Well, we want to provide a route to market for wineries that are not “big enough” to warrant distribution. Through contacts and a little bit of logistical know-how, we have brought over some truly spectacular wine. What’s more, because we imported it directly, you all get a better deal. Straight from the winery, to our warehouse, to your door.

For the wines we don’t import directly, we made it our goal to work with like-minded importers whose producers need a hand-sell. These producers are also focused on smaller production and not made for market wines, but wines that the locals drink. This enables us to have a revolving range so we can support more wineries while showcasing unique varieties and regions.