An autumnal September evening back in 2017, set the scene for the birth of Austin Bailey Wines. A dinner party between friends with plenty of plonk was where it began. Alex was invited to hold a wine tasting that evening and happened to be sitting next to Jemma and Craig. A few glasses later Alex told them of his passion to create his own wine and to create something special he could share with family and friends in the UK while giving back to the community in Argentina. This was the beginning of that creation. At Austin Bailey, the team are always aiming for greatness in producing authentic wine that represents the diversity of Mendoza and wider speaking Argentina.

Austin Bailey (5)

Austin Bailey Malbec 2017


Austin Bailey Rosé, Malbec 2020


Austin Bailey Cabernet Sauvignon 2015


Austin Bailey Reserve 2017


Austin Bailey Gran Malbec 2017