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Three Fresh Drops

Three Fresh Drops is the most approachable way in the Fresh Drops subscriptions to receive wine curated to your tastes from small-batch family-run producers. This is a £55 monthly wine subscription where you will receive three small-batch bottles each month, from one of five categories, and is a fantastic way to taste through a number of delicious wines.

We prioritise giving our subscribers what we feel is the best service out there, so with your monthly wine subscription you will receive:

  • Hand-selected wines from small-batch family-run vineyards
  • A tasting card per wine, providing key info and why the wine was picked for you
  • Food pairing suggestions
  • A free gift
  • Free delivery (UK Mainland)


Why you'll love our
Fresh Drops Subscription

You'll meet your next favourite

We’ll give you exclusive access to rare gems and hand-picked favourites to help you taste something you never knew you’d love.

You'll get wine brought to your doorstep

You sit inside your house - like you normally would - and exciting, small-batch wines will magically appear at your front door. Wow!

You'll save money each month

If there's a better feeling than saving money, we're yet to find it. And that includes hugs from your doggo. Controversial, we know.

How it works

Choose a subscription

Choose a subscription

Choose if you want three, six or twelve bottles each month

No delivery fees

No delivery fees

Free delivery to anywhere inside the UK (Mainland)

Wine delivered to your door

Wine delivered to your door

Receive your hand-picked selection of small-batch wines

Enjoy your wine!

Enjoy your wine!

This is the most important part of the process. By far.

Don't forget the perks

Don't forget the perks

Free gift each month, first access to new wines and much more

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Questions & Answers

Click on a Product Photo or Product Name to see more detailed information. To place your order, choose the specification you want and enter the quantity, and click ‘Buy Now’.

Please enter the required information such as Delivery Address, Quantity Type etc. Before clicking “Place Order”, please check your Order Details carefully. If you wish to add a new Delivery Address, click ” Add a new address”. If you wish to edit a current Delivery Address, click ‘Edit this address’. After confirming your Order, you will be automatically taken to the Payment page.

By using Shopify payments as our preferred payments method, we accept all types of payment. Please make sure that your billing address is correct, otherwise, the payment will not go through.

Our standard delivery service is 1-3 working days, however since we send subscriptions out together, these monthly boxes usually go out around the 5th of the month. If you sign up early in the month, we can ensure you can still get a box soon after signing up, rather than having to wait a few weeks until the monthly send out.

Yes, you can cancel at anytime, just head into your account for more info.

Delivery for wine subscriptions (UK Mainland) is free.

We cannot ship internationally for our subscription boxes. We can ship to non-Mainland UK addresses, but at an additional cost of £14.50 per box. For one-off purchases, we do ship internationally. Please check the delivery terms page for further instruction. If your country is not listed, please send us an email for a quote.

For orders tracking, please head to the order tracking page In the footer of the website, from here you will be asked to enter your tracking number + billing email.

Six Fresh Drops

Six Fresh Drops is the most all-encompassing way in the Fresh Drops subscriptions to experience what curated wine from small-batch family-run producers is all about. This £110/month contains six bottles for you to enjoy.

We prioritise giving our subscribers what we feel is the best service out there, with your monthly wine subscription you will receive:

  • Hand-selected wines from small-batch vineyards
  • A card talking you through each wine
  • Gifts from similar companies
  • Food pairing suggestions
  • Exclusive Plonk merchandise (when available)
  • Free delivery (UK Mainland)

You can cancel at any time, we are very flexible, just head to your account to do so. There are no contracts, wine subscriptions are billed on a month-to-month basis, usually on the 1st of the month, and your wines should arrive by the 5th dependent on public holidays and weekends.


 Six Fresh Drops subscription

Six bottles?
Give me more...

Twelve Fresh Drops is an expert selection of hidden gems!

This is a £240 monthly wine subscription, where you will always receive 12 bottles, or 8-10 bottles and a magnum or two of the finest small-batch wine we can get our hands on.

This may contain some of the following:

  • Limited release wines, too small to warrant going on the site
  • Undiscovered grape varieties from lesser-known appellations
  • Back vintages
  • New vintage releases
  • Allocation wines
  • Magnum releases

We prioritise giving our members what we feel is the best service out there, with your monthly wine subscription you will receive:

  • Hand-selected wines from small-batch family-run wineries
  • Gifts from similar companies
  • Exclusive Plonk merchandise when it comes available
  • Free delivery (UK Mainland)


 Twelve Fresh Drops subscription