At Plonk, we champion the small-batch producers

‘Small-batch’ is generally a term that has been adopted by several beverage verticals: coffee, beer, gin. But it is only now that small-batch wine is having its day in the sun. The movement holds at its core the values of thoughtful, independent, consciously limited production, prioritising absolute quality, and often with a true essence of family running through it.

Fed up with the mass-produced, characterless bottles that adorned most shelves, we made it our aim to seek out small-batch wine producers and bring them to you in an easy to find, seamless platform.

Plonk Wines

This is Plonk.

Now ‘plonk’ will likely carry negative connotations in the minds of many. And it is for this reason why we place it at the forefront of our business. We want to re-define the term, removing it away from its mid-week ‘swill’ terminology, and pivot ‘plonk’ towards wines of fresh innovation and exceptional value, all whilst flicking the Vs at the antiquated way of wine.

Our range is dedicated to working directly with small-batch wine producers and we mean that. Nearly all our wines, we import directly, from people we know personally. Why is this important? Well, we want to provide a route to market for wineries that are not “big enough” to warrant distribution. Through contacts and a little bit of logistical know-how, we have brought over some truly spectacular wine.

What’s more, because we import the majority of it directly, you all get a better deal, and access to some exclusive wine. Straight from the winery to our warehouse, to your door.

By partnering with winemakers who operate in this way, we are also bringing you bottles that are made with the utmost respect for the vines and land they are tending. And to do our part in this journey from vineyard to your door, we ourselves utilise ‘no carbon emission’ deliveries and 100% recyclable packaging.

Our approach to wine bypasses the snootiness of the industry, whilst revealing expert tips and trends, and bringing you beautiful wine that won’t break the bank, for you to enjoy every single day. We can’t wait to welcome you into the world of small-batch wine.