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At Plonk, we champion the small-batch producers

We are Plonk Wine Co, and you’re about to discover sensational, super-rare, small-batch wine that nobody else has their mitts on.

Despite being amid a global economic and health crisis that just won’t quit, we launched in early 2020 after spotting a problem that needed fixing. We were ordinary winos, with lots of experience, fed up with the mass-produced, generic wine that fills shelves around the UK.

We knew there had to be a way to deliver glorious, small batch-wine straight to your door – all while championing family-run vineyards the world over.

And so, Plonk was born.

You’re supporting vintners who pour love, care, and dedication directly into your bottle. We go straight to the winemakers themselves — forging long-lasting relationships. 

Our deliveries are carbon-neutral, and we send our wine out in 100% recyclable packaging.

Wine shouldn’t be complicated, and you don’t need an endless pot of cash to enjoy it. Our mission is to make wine simple. At Plonk, we bypass the snootiness, reveal expert tips and trends, and welcome you into the world of small-batch wine.

What do you get out of buying our plonk?

Besides the satisfaction of knowing you’re quaffing fantastic small-batch wine, you’re also privy to the sort of stuff that consumers rarely get access to.

Prepare to take your taste buds on a journey to vineyards in the most southern and sunny reaches of the hemisphere.

Happy wining, and we’ll see you around.