The Sklep 58 winery is young, energetic and is not afraid of challenges! A winery built from two school friends from university. After school, they decided to produce wine according to their own philosophy and in 2016 they founded the project Sklep Padesátosm. Neither of them came from a wine family, so there is no land and no property behind them. They really started from scratch with just one demijohn! The winery is located in a beautiful location below the Pálava Hills. The Pálava region differs from other locations in Moravia with its content of free limestone in the soil. Their wines are produced without the use of modern technologies and as gently as possible, they do all the processing of grapes by hand. 

        Sklep 58 (2)

        Sklep58 Partyzán Pét-Nat Müller Thurgau...


        Sklep58 Partyzán Pét-Nat Laurot 2019

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