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      Optimal Decanting Time


        Situated on the side of Mt Etna in Italy, the wines made here are a reference to the volcanic soil and also to the colourful, unpredictable nature of the island and its inhabitants.French and Dino is from Sicily. They met in East London over a bottle of wine and soon became life partners. Over the years, they cultivated their common passion for wine, digging into regional differences, expanding their knowledge and sharpening their taste. During a holiday on Mount Etna where Dino’s family still lives, they spotted an old vineyard up for sale. They fell in love with the “alberello” old vines, the gorgeous plump grapes and the spectacular view of the volcano. Three years later, Civetta and Storta were born.

        Terrafusa (2)

        Terrafusa Storta 2018


        Terrafusa Civetta 2017

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