Picking the right wine for different crowds

It can be hard enough picking the right wine for yourself sometimes, so when it comes to choosing bottles for others, the occasion can at times be overwhelming. They could be quite particular, you might not know said person very well, are there going to be other people there who will be trying out the wine also? And if so what do they like?! Ah the stresses that wine throws up. But when you get it right, it’s tantalisingly good. So we’ve covered off a few scenarios below to help you select the right wine for different crowds.


The “know what they like” crowd

Don’t even bother trying to rock the boat. This group knows what they like, and it’s usually the safe option. What safer option than the epicentre of wine, the birthplace: Bordeaux. Their reds usually go down well across a plethora of different tastes. That being said, the Millaire Château Cavale 2020 is a great one to crowbar in, as it ticks those boxes, but is also biodynamic – still clean and classic in taste, but unwittingly enlightens those to the true potential of natural wine.


The adventurous crowd

The Bordeaux won’t cut it here - too bloody mainstream.

I really rate Portuguese reds, both for their intensity and aging ability, but also they’re a bit quirkier and silly good value for money, so you’re not having to take out a third overdraft to afford it. Go for the Casa Ferreirinha ‘Papa Figos’ Douro Tinto 2020 – brimming with fruit and soft tannins, whilst endlessly drinkable.


The unknown crowd

A tricky one. Could be a new neighbour, and you see this as your chance to finally be an acceptable human being and offer them a welcome gift. Potentially you’re on the way to a dinner party with a group of people whom you don’t know particularly well. You want to look like an interesting member of society, but going too out there could in turn backfire.

Château de la Selve Petite Selve Rouge 2021 is a winner here. It’s brilliantly versatile. Full enough to appease any who prefer stronger reds, fruity enough to satisfy those who don’t like anything too bold and oaky, and moreish enough to position you as the evening’s MVD (most valuable diner). The only fly in the ointment of perfection here is setting such a high bar for the next occasion…


The sentimental type

A wine that will age well is the pinnacle of sentimentality. Most wines worth aging will require a loosening of the purse strings; we’re talking £40-60 - although we’ve found a solid one that is just a touch under £20 – the Eric Thill Côtes de Jura Chardonnay 2020. One of the best grapes for aging, and especially when grown in the Jura, where the climate gives Chardonnay of great acidity and complexity, i.e. the perfect components for aging.


So, there you are, a quick guide on wines to pick for different crowds. Remember, these recommendations are just a starting point! Check out our wine subscription if you want to receive wines every month which will no doubt be crowd pleasers every single time. Take our wine quiz today to establish what your ideal wine subscription is.


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