Bone dry with fresh or dried fruit. Think slightly under-ripe cherry, red and berry.  Crunchy tannin, youthful fruit, light to medium-bodied. These wines can vary in alcohol from 11% to 14%  but the body will always be bone dry and juicy. The wines here can still be very serious bottles, think Gamay, Pinot Noir, Cinsault. Emphasis on less maceration and fresh fruit. Serve at cellar temperatures for the best experience.

Red Wine - Juicy and Vibrant (20)

BLANKbottle Master of None 2021


Elvio Tintero Nebbiolo 2019


Villa Fresco Sangiovese 2019


Touriga Vai Nua Fitapreta 2019


Mar I Muntanya Rouge Domaine...


Terre à Terre Piccadilly Red...


CVNE Maceration Carbonica 2018


Pizzini Nonna Gisella Sangiovese 2019


Jean-Louis Dutraive, Chiroubles 2017