Pairing food with clean & crisp white wine

Far from the oaky undertones and rich flavour of red wine, clean and crisp white wine is just as it sounds. It is light and airy to taste, with a citrusy pop that is just perfect for pairing with certain food.

Here is everything you need to know about white wine and how to pair it with the right food.

Where to find white wine

White wine can be produced anywhere in the world, but it was traditionally made in Northwest Europe in the countries of France, Germany, Italy, Greece and Spain.

Today, the United States is a major producer of white wine, with almost 80 percent of it coming from California.

Types of white wine

There are many different styles of white wine that can be produced from many different grape varieties.

White wines are generally dry, but there are some with a bit of residual sugar or sweetness. These wines do have certain characteristics that are still considered crisp, with a little sweetness that makes the wine slightly easier to drink for some.

When to enjoy white wine

Clean and crisp white wines can be enjoyed year-round, but there are some seasonal changes that can affect the wine and the food that is paired with it.

Spring and summer months are generally when people reach for this type of wine. The fresh, aromatic flavour that is lighter than that of red wine complements the spring and summer foods of salads, fruit, vegetables and fish.

Clean and light white wines are also great around the holidays, such as Christmas. They are made to be light and easy to drink, and they complement meals that are heavy with poultry.

Pairing food with clean and crisp white wine

1) Oysters

Oysters are a great food to pair with white wine. It is a delicacy that has very high acidity and a sweet flavour that is complemented by the crispness of the wine. The texture of the oyster is a large part of the reason why the wine works so well with it. 

2) Grilled Caesar Salad

Grilled caesar salad is a great compliment to a glass of white. There is something about the seasonings in the salad that pairs well with the tartness of the wine.

The crispy flavour of the grilled romaine lettuce combined with the crunch of the croutons is great with a light, crisp white wine.

3) Apple Crumble

The spicy flavour of apples is one that comes out in crisp white wine. The sweet flavour from the pie and the tartness from the wine complement each other perfectly.

4) Caviar

Caviar is a luxury food that is best with white wine. It has very high acidity and a light, sweet flavour that is great with the crisp, dry taste of the wine.


Keep these tips in mind when you are pairing food with clean and crisp white wine, and you can learn how to pair like a pro. Know what type of food and wine you are looking for before you pick anything out at the store or restaurant.

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