Red-y, Steady, Drink - All Reds Mixed Pack
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Red-y, Steady, Drink - All Reds Mixed Pack

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    A number of people cannot be bothered with white wine, decrying the lack of diversity compared to reds. On the mass-market, we see your point, but whilst we work to change opinions on that (our small-batch white wine range is rather tasty if we do say so ourselves), in the meantime we have this cracking pack to delight those staunch red wine drinkers.

    Arranged with an eclectic mix of wine, from light and juicy to big and powerful, but all holding beautiful intensity and flavour, this is the perfect red wine mixed pack.

    1x Domaine Duseigneur, Côtes-du-Rhône Villages "Odyssée" 2020

    1x Domaine Jean-Yves Millaire, Château Cavale 2020

    1x Château de la Selve, Petite Selve VDF 2021