Wines from Greece you should definitely try

Considering how Greece is one of the regions that have been producing wines the longest, it’s surprising that wines from this country haven’t gotten the recognition they deserve. If you haven’t tried wine from Greece, it’s time to do so and include a bottle or two the next time you buy wine online.

Before you do, though, make sure you read this to know more about some of the best wines from Greek that are still under the radar.


Crete is the largest island in Greece and among the oldest wine-producing regions in the whole world. It’s also where you can find such rugged terrain that’s perfect for agriculture. Its landscape and location give Crete an excellent climate for wine production. A taste of the wine produced on this island will surely transport you back in time. Noted wine producer in Crete, Douloufakis Winery, specialises in the indigenous varieties of Liatiko and Vidiano and offers you complex wines that are incredibly delicious.


Santorini is known worldwide for its gorgeous landscape and memorable sunsets. But not many people know that the island is also home to bright white wines that are acidic and have tremendous vivacity. It may be because the grape Assyrtiko is grown on a unique soil combination of volcanic ash, pumice, and lava rock that Santorini wines are deemed miraculous. After all, the island rarely gets rain, and the winds are pretty strong, so it’s a challenge to grow grapevines. However, the wines produced from grapes in Santorini are genuinely fantastic, whether you age them or drink them fresh. 

If you’re interested in Santorini wines, try one from Domaine Sigalas - a known wine producer and a pioneer in organic farming and integrating modern technology in Santorini. What you’ll get from their wines is a full-bodied and mineral-driven drink that’s aromatic.

The Peloponnese

This vast peninsula in the south of Athens is known for some of the most iconic Greek “essentials,” including King Leonidas of Sparta, the purple Kalamata Olives, and the original Olympic games. But apart from these, the peninsula is also where you can find some of the best wines in Greece. Whether you’re looking for red or white wine, your discerning taste will undoubtedly be satisfied by their wines. 

The Peloponnese is covered by a number of mountains where their grapes are grown. The appellation of Mantinia is famous for the aromatic white wines that belong to the Moscofilero variety. On the other hand, Nemea, its neighbouring region, is home to complex red wines produced from the Agiorgitiko grape.

Domaine Skouras in Nemea is one of the highest vineyards in Europe, standing at over 3000 feet. The cooler climate at this height helps the grapes mature properly and keep their fragrance and character.

Northern Greece

In the elevated vineyards found in Northern Greece, you’d find a noble variety of grapes called Xinomavro. It’s mainly grown in the regions of Amyndeon and Naoussa and can produce a wide variety of wines. You can get rose, lighter reds, and full-bodied, tannic wines from Xinomavro from their exceptional winemakers. 

Alpha Estate and Kir Yianni are among the top wine producers in this area.

Discover the wines of Greece

Why limit yourself to the wines you’ve already tried when there are a plethora of excellent wines that are waiting to be discovered? Start with wines from Greece, and you’ll be wondering why you’ve never tried them! You can buy wine online but make sure you’re getting a bottle from a reputable supplier. 

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