Not just another wine subscription service...

With September rearing its autumnal head, it seems a fitting time to begin getting oneself in order to see out the remainder of this seemingly mediocre year, following summer’s stuttering progress exiting stage right with a drab whimper.

But there is cause for hope yet – hope in the form of stress-free, logistically seamless, educationally packed wine delivery. ‘Three Fresh Drops’, reveal yourself! Each month we toil over selecting top-shelf quality wines to bring exclusively to you via this monthly wine subscription service. As we aim to be as selective as possible, curating some pretty special combinations, we have to limit availability, but if you get in there early, this is how it works: 

  • You drop off £50 a month via direct debit (may seem considerable at first, but have a look later on at the amount of £50s you likely waste in a month…) 
  • You needn’t then worry about anything else
  • The start of each month, we deliver three bottles, that are usually yet to be made available on our website 
  • We subsidise the bottle cost also to thank you for your commitment, so you get silly good wine for even sillier good value 
  • You receive informative material on each of the bottles – from the independent winemaker’s story to the beautiful flavour constructs of the wine, and what to pair it with food wise 
  • As if it couldn’t get any better, you permanently get 15% off all future purchases 

What a way to add a bit of style and mystery to what is seemingly an entertainment drought prior to the festive period hitting! 

Now, this might not be everyone’s bag – we get that. But just to contextualise it, here’s a list of things you'll quite possibly blindly spend £50 on each month on which will bring you endlessly less joy than a wine subscription that delivers three bottles of cracking wine straight to your door without you even having to go online and checkout: 

  • A gym membership you never use 
  • Distinctly average coffee from [insert generic big brand coffee chain] 
  • Somehow always being the one getting the rounds in at the pub and no one getting you one back
  • A ticket to watch your favourite sports team who will no doubt lose because you’re there and you’ll be depressed for the rest of the weekend
  • Avocado on toast (bloody millennials, right…?) 
  • Endless amounts of snacks when you go shopping hungover that you then don’t eat because you’re too hungover 
  • Amazon deliveries that you completely forget about and then instantly second guess the reason of purchase upon opening up said deliveries 
  • Fruit and veg weekly delivery where you only know how to use 29% of what's included
  • A subscription to The Economist that you never read but leave on the coffee table to make yourself seem intelligent to guests
  • Every Deliveroo order that you inevitably regret because it would’ve been so easy to cook and you probably only eat half of the gargantuan portion sizes 
  • Compost (niche, but it happens) 

And if three bottles is too much wine to kick things off with (unlikely…but possible), then why not start on just the two a month. Or fancy guaranteeing the rack is always stocked? We’ve got you sorted with a six-bottler as well. 

Don’t hesitate to give us a shout if you have any questions, we love to chat to you guys, and hope to see you soon on our ‘Fresh Drops’ wine subscription service so we can continue spreading the good word about small-batch wine! 


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