Why is wine called ‘plonk’?

If you’ve searched for ‘plonk’ and expected to come across the semi-popular mini-golf setup in Camden, London, then log a complaint with your respective search engine provider. 

Scaled down sport aside, plonk is also commonly enlisted as a term for cheap, low-quality wine. Rumour has it that Australian slang can lay claim to its origins, in reference to “blanc”, or the French word for "white". Gotta love the Aussies for their creativity with words at times! 

Whilst there are undoubtedly more derisory words in the English language, the term plonk is evidently not one of favour when describing a wine.


So why did we name our business after a derogatory word for a product that is the absolute antithesis of what we’re bringing you...? 

Well, it is the negative connotations carried by the word that are precisely why we place it at the forefront of our business. 

We want to re-define the term, removing it from its mid-week ‘swill’ tag, and pivot ‘plonk’ towards wines of fresh innovation and exceptional value, all whilst flicking the Vs at the antiquated way the wine industry operates.


What does the new ‘plonk’ infer for bottle price therefore? 

We’ll admit, our approach means a bottle of plonk isn’t cheap, unlike the traditional terminology. Our range is dedicated to working directly with small-batch wine producers and we mean that. All the wines we import directly are people we know personally. Why is this important? Well, we want to provide a route to market for wineries that are not “big enough” to warrant distribution. 

With that reduced economies of scale though, there is in turn an effect on price. £18.00 for wine isn’t an insignificant amount of money. Especially when you can get a bottle in the supermarket for £7.00. We could sell cheaper wine, but if we did that, we wouldn’t be supporting the genuine small-batch, independent winemakers around the world (the new ‘plonk’), where they don’t treat wine as a commodity. 

They wouldn’t have a genuine connection with the people making the wine. They wouldn’t taste as good. They wouldn’t be made with a sustainable focus. They wouldn’t be good value for money.  

So, our wine will never be cheap. We think this is a good thing though as you will get what you pay for, meaning you know that buying wine online from Plonk, isn’t just any old bottle of plonk... 


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