Which is healthier, beer or wine?

The age-old debate of wine vs beer is something you may have seriously thought about. If you're on the cusp of switching from beer to wine, but aren't sure why you should drink wine over beer, here are some reasons that may tempt you to make the leap.

Beer vs Wine: health reasons for choosing wine

For most of us, the health benefits of drinking moderately were the reason we switched from booze to wine. But, there are some other reasons to make the change that goes beyond being healthy.

1 - Wine has a better flavour

This is fairly subjective, but if you're a beer drinker, you know how bland beer taste can be at times. When you switch from beer to wine, you'll notice the flavour of your wine is likely more robust. This is because wine is made from grapes, which contain flavonoids and resveratrol, which contribute to the colour, flavour and aroma.

2 - Wine has better pairing options

I'm sure you've heard of a nice glass of red wine with dinner. But, did you know that there are many different types of wines that are great for pairing with other foods? For example, there are a few red wines that are great with chocolate, which is perfect for mixing with chocolate desserts or some ice cream.

3 - Wine goes well with a wide range of dishes

People tend to think that white wine goes with fish and red wine goes with meat, but there are a lot of other options out there. For example, white wine goes well with pear dishes, crab and lobster, and even with spicy foods. For red, there are some that go great with strawberries and others that go well with mushrooms and peppers.

4 - Wine comes in more bottle sizes

If you're not into the small pint glasses of beer, wine is a better option for you. Wine comes in everything from a large bottle to a split and even a mini bottle. Try the different sizes to see what works for you.

5 - Wine has a longer shelf life than beer

If you've always heard that wine lasts forever, then you're right! Most wine can last over a week, with some even up to five or six months once you open a bottle, while beer can only last a few days, if that.


If you're on the fence about whether to switch from beer to wine, it's time to make your move. Wine is a great option for those of you who are looking to switch from beer. Whether you're looking for health reasons, want more flavour, or are looking for something that's more versatile, you'll find that wine is a better alternative.

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