We've Just Launched Our Wine Club Subscription

Fresh Drops, the Plonk Wine Club Subscription is finally here!

This is certainly no ordinary wine club!

If you are not a regular subscriber of our newsletter, you wouldn't know this until now; we launched our wine club subscription this week, and the take-up has been really positive!!

With an ample amount of experience in the wine trade, our founders have seen it all, wine subscriptions currently on the market, just don't cut the biscuit, and this is why we launched a wine subscription. The market is flooded with overpriced, poor quality subscriptions with no repeating benefits, and worst of all, most the subscriptions out there - you can actually find the wines featured in the subscriptions, cheaper elsewhere - which defeats the point of subscribing!

With our customers in mind, the Fresh Drops subscription is priced sensitively. We aim to bring drinkers closer to understanding what small-batch wine producers are all about, through a hand-picked selection of bottles, we hope to truly open you up to the world of small-batch wine.

Unlike other subscriptions, the Fresh Drops wine club subscription brings an amass of quality and we are prioritising giving our subscribed members what we feel is the best service out there.

How do I sign up to the wine club subscription?

In order to get onto the waiting list of our super exclusive wine club subscription, you need to sign up to our newsletter and wait for the Fresh Drops email to be sent out at random, or you can be referred by one of our current members. Membership is strictly limited.

What are the packages of the Fresh Drops Subscription?

The Mystery Pack

The Plonk Mystery Pack is a super low priced monthly wine subscription, where you will receive up to 2 bottles each month, this might include a mystery substitute, like a can of wine or simply the very latest exciting product we’re about to add to the mainstream bottle shop. The Mystery Pack is the best way to discover what Plonk Wine Co is all about.

Three Fresh Drops

Three Fresh Drops is the most approachable way in the Fresh Drops subscription to gain access to small-batch family-run producers. This is a £50.00 monthly wine subscription. Here you will receive three small-batch bottles each month. There are also many exclusive perks of being a Three Fresh Drops member!

Six Fresh Drops

Six Fresh Drops is the most legitimate way in the Fresh Drops subscription to experience what small-batch family-run producers are all about. This is an £85.00 monthly wine subscription. Here you will receive six small-batch bottles each month. There are also many exclusive perks of being a Six Fresh Drops member!

Immerse yourself in the world of the small-batch wines with Plonk today, and discover what the most exciting winemakers are currently producing! Sign up to the newsletter below!


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