Virtual Cheese and Wine Tasting

If you’re after a truly enlightening cheese and wine tasting virtual event then look no further than Plonk Wine Co. We are renowned for hosting the best virtual wine tasting UK and now we’ve expanded our offerings and are thrilled to invite you to try our bespoke cheese and wine tasting virtual soirees.

With lockdown still firmly upon us, that doesn’t mean that you can’t participate in sophisticated, delicious experiences. And what is more enjoyable than wine tasting with cheese? Plus, you don’t have to leave your house. You get to wear your comfy tracksuit bottoms and gorge on quality cheese and wine - crackers optional.

What sets our virtual tasting events apart from the competition? It’s simple - they don’t offer the range of wines that we do. If you’re looking for a unique virtual wine tasting, you’ve come to the right place.

Plonk Cheese and Wine Tasting

The unique wines that Plonk retail aren’t your average run of the mill wines. You (hopefully) won’t find a label you recognise among our virtual wine rack - which is what we’re aiming for.

We all know that cheese goes with wine-like Ant goes with Dec, but if you don’t know what you’re drinking, you might not know what cheese to pair it with. Which is where our virtual wine tasting with friends comes in...

Join us for a wine and cheese tasting virtual event and broaden your vino/Fromage horizons. Become an armchair oenophile with Plonk and discover some of the best, premium, small-batch wines while you’re at it.

Small batch wine

Our array of truly outstanding, small-batch wines are some of the most incredible wines you will have ever tasted. These are wines that are usually reserved for trade, or kept in-house because exporting is an incredibly expensive business, and not always a priority for small-batch producers.

And so, for the first time, Plonk are introducing many hugely talented winemakers and their produce to market; providing consumers with a direct line to artisans they rarely get to encounter.

Socialise virtually

Over the course of the upcoming festive season and throughout the winter months, we will host a series of cheese and wine tasting virtual events with a multitude of cheese and small-batch wine pairings.

Whether you want to learn with your spouse, your partner, your colleagues, your bubble, your family, friends or neighbours, it doesn’t matter. Plonk cheese and wine tasting virtual events allow you to eat, drink and be merry with everyone you want to socialise with - the more the merrier!

Even the most seasoned and discerning palates will be pleasantly surprised by the cheese and wines we will serve up. You will learn how to expertly taste cheese and wine as we bring a modern twist to this much loved, classic combination.

Virtual wine tasting with friends

If you’re after an experience that runs contrary to your normal Saturday nights, or you’re looking for a treat for loved ones, then join Plonk for a virtual wine tasting with friends. Eat good cheese, drink great wine and have a memorable time, courtesy of our unique wine platform.

When you choose to share your evening with us at our wine tasting virtual events, you’ll learn about small-batch wines in a relaxed environment, from a knowledgeable host. We know how to throw a party and we understand what great hospitality looks like. From your first taste of cheese to your last sip of wine, we will guide you through the cheese and wine repertoire, so you savour every morsel and relish every drop.

What will you get from a Virtual evening with Plonk Wine?

All of our cheese and wine tasting virtual events have been curated to give you the opportunity to further explore a pairing that you may already understand, by showing you products you may not have encountered before.

By the end of the best virtual wine tasting UK event, you will have a better understanding of small-batch wines and what cheeses they work well with. You will have a greater appreciation for the art form that is small batch winemaking and the master artisans who dedicate their lives to creating such incredible produce.

A fine selection of wine and cheese will be delivered to your door prior to the tasting, so you have ample time to decant the wine and bring the cheese up to room temperature, before settling down in front of your computer for an enlightening and enjoyable evening’s virtual wine tasting with friends.

How a Virtual Plonk cheese and wine tasting event works

  1. Sign up to one of our wine and cheese tasting virtual events - keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook for more details.
  2. We deliver you 3 bottles of wine (or ½ full size) and 3 x premium kinds of cheese and crackers to pair with each one, directly to your door.
  3. You join us for our virtual evening and have the time of your life.
  4. By the end of the tasting hopefully, you’ll have learned a little more about the exclusive wines we retail and how to enjoy them with delicious cheese.

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