Gifting wine: tips to follow to bring the perfect bottle

If you’re going to a party, event, or pretty much any occasion, you may wonder what the best gift to bring is. The easy choice is to go for a bottle of wine. It’s sophisticated yet still a fun present to give. Even if there are significant moments you aren’t necessarily going to be there for, you can always send wine as a gift to commemorate it.

Of course, there are certain guidelines that one might want to follow when sending wine. It’s really more than just giving a bottle of wine and being done with it. Here are some tips that should help you with the right wine-gifting etiquette:

Consider How Much Wine to Give

Note the occasion and how many people you expect will indulge in the drink. If you want it to be just for the recipient to enjoy, a bottle should do. If you think they will be sharing it with guests, you might want to get at least a couple so that they have some for themselves.

Pick a Wine Best for the Season

It adds a touch of mindfulness when you pick a bottle that matches the season. For example, a summer gift will do well with a light rosé, whereas the colder months will match with an aromatic riesling. This tip is also helpful when you think about how it matches with the fruits, vegetables, and even meats that are in season.

Make It Feel More Personal

Get wine that you know they actually like. Even if you’re not familiar with the exact brand, this can narrow down what type of wine to get. More importantly, you should also add a little note. It just shows that you mean to send it as a sincere gift, and you’re not simply sending out a bottle willy-nilly. 

Think About How It is Presented

Consider how you’re giving the present. Perhaps you can wrap it up, include it in a basket, or even just add a bow and packaging. This makes things a little more elevated than simply handing over a bottle on its own. There’s also an added joy for the recipient when they get to unbox their wine.

Avoid the Mass Market Stuff

This doesn’t mean you need to burn a hole in your pocket. You can always go for mid-range delights. If you want something that fits the budget but still seems unique and worth gifting, you can opt for small-batch wines that are artisanal and delicious. 

You may be scared of the connotation tied with getting a bottle of plonk, but there are many local crafts and wineries that are redefining what it means to create enjoyable yet affordable wine. It also seems more thoughtful than going for any generic brand from the corner shop.

Shop the Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Today

Don’t be intimidated by the prospect of finding the perfect bottle of wine for your recipient. As long as you do your research on the quality of the wine and the type of flavours that your recipient enjoys, you should be able to find a great bottle to gift. Simply follow through with these tips, and whoever receives your gift will be in for a swell time.

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