The Plonk vegan wine guide - what’s in the wine you’re drinking?

Wine is a beverage many enjoy. Some drink it for fun; others drink it to relax. No matter the reason, there’s no doubt that many consume this alcoholic drink.

However, some people avoid wine due to their dietary lifestyles. Vegans, for example, may avoid wine since they’re not sure whether it contains animal products or not. 

Fortunately, vegan wines are available for them to consider. 

Vegan wine, explained

Wine is made from fermented grapes, with its variants coming from changes in specific steps in the process. There are no animal products used as its ingredients. The filtration, also known as the fining process, designates the wine as vegan or not. Non-vegan wines are fined using egg whites or gelatins to reduce their tannins and increase clarity.

That doesn’t mean vegan wines can’t be filtered, though. Instead, vintners will have to wait for the sediments to settle themselves, so the filtration process is longer. Vegans looking to try wine will be glad to know that numerous options are available for them. 

Benefits of vegan wines

Non-vegans should consider trying vegan wines as well. It comes with many positive effects, some of which can work wonders on your health as well. Here are three benefits of drinking vegan wines.

Fresher taste

Vegan wines are made from organic grapes, meaning they’re grown without fertilisers, pesticides or GMOs. That’s why this type of wine ends up having a fresher and more natural taste. However, it also means they’re made without preservatives or chemicals, so they have a shorter shelf life once opened

Another drawback is that while vegan wines are rich in flavour, they often have sediments floating around the liquid. If you plan on letting wine clarify through settling, it will take a long time. Large barrels need years to fine before becoming clear enough for consumption.

More antioxidants, fewer chemicals

Red wine is well-known for its excellent antioxidant properties. This benefit is mainly due to resveratrol, a chemical that has anti-ageing effects on the body. Vegan wines have higher resveratrol levels compared to non-vegan wines.

Some people, particularly those with rhinitis and asthma, opt not to drink wines because they get an allergic reaction afterwards. That’s because some wineries use sulfites as preservatives for their wine. Vegan wines have marginally fewer sulfites, so even those allergic to the chemical can enjoy wine within reason.

Environmentally friendly

Traditional vineyards use many animal products and chemicals in manufacturing their products. Consequently, their processes have a more significant impact on the ecosystem.

Vegan vineyards don’t use chemicals in growing their crops. They don’t add animal parts in making their wines either. If you buy vegan wines, you’re supporting vintners that create good-quality wine without harming the environment in the process.

How to find vegan wine

Now that you know why you should buy vegan wines, your next question might be where to find them. It can get tricky since most companies don’t mention using animal products for their wines. Fortunately, there are many ways you can find vegan wines.

If you’re buying in stores, make sure to check the label. Vegan wines will use the words ‘unfined’ or ‘unfiltered’. You can also check the wine’s producer on the internet to see if they make vegan wines. But if you want to be sure, it’s best to search for vegan wine sellers on the internet and buy wine online. 

Vegan wine is a beverage everyone should drink at least once. You can try it when wine tasting at home to discover something new. It’s also an excellent option to consider if you want to send wine as a gift. No matter who it’s for, there’s no doubt that vegan wine is something anyone, vegan or not, will appreciate.


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