Love white wine? Here are the best foods to pair with it!

On a fundamental level, white wine is actually great with pretty much any food you can think of! It even technically pairs better with most cheeses as well due to their lack of tannins (but don't tell the red wines that...).

There are so many dishes that go well with white given how crisp and light it is. It's ideal for striking a refreshing balance that the palette will absolutely enjoy. Read on to find out more.

What are the best foods to pair with white wine?

The general rule for pairing food and white wine is pretty straightforward, really: heavy wines for heavy dishes, light wines for light dishes. Here are some more specific things to keep in mind:


This goes without saying: wine and cheese are essentially the perfect pair. Fill your charcuterie board with different types of cheeses when you are having Chenin Blanc or Moscato. In addition, olives, prosciutto and even honey would all do great paired with white wine. 

Potato Chips (the fancy word for 'crisps'...)

Surprised? Many people are, but it's very true. Potato chips are fantastic when paired with a dry sparkling white wine or Champagne. The saltiness in chips is a great mix with sparkling wine's acidity.


If you are popping a bottle of Trimbach Riesling, prepare roasted chicken or turkey to enjoy with it. Champagne, dry sparkling wine and prosecco does the trick for poultry dishes just as well.

Salads & Appetisers

As previously mentioned, when a dish is light then the wine should be light as well. Consider pairing a Sauvignon Blanc with "light" flatbreads and toast with cheese. Caesar salads are a great choice as well.


Who doesn't love a massive platter of wonderfully cooked crab, langoustine, lobster, prawns, shrimp and more? In this case, it's impossible to go wrong with an Albariño or Muscadet. If there's lobster that's either grilled or baked on the plate, then the acidity in these wines is ideal. 

White wine has a crisp, light taste that brings freshness to any meal. It is loved because of how refreshing it can be and the wide variety available. Great foods to pair with white wines include shellfish like prawns and crab, salads and appetisers like flatbreads or Caesar salads and practically every cheese under the sun.

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