Subscriptions - when is the right time for you?

Subscriptions across a wide-array of markets have ballooned over the past decade. They first seemed the reserve of food boxes – HelloFresh, Abel & Cole, Gousto – but now encompass everything from your shaving kit to your dog’s meals (along with your thirteen different TV subs…).

The pandemic really accelerated this growth further, and still continues to do so, with the opportunity for many to work from home, ensuring you could be in at the time of delivery, rather than Hermes lobbing your subscription into a skip that was roughly at least one kilometre from your home.

There are evident drawbacks for some of course: not being tied in, having a glut of said product in your subscription pile up and never used, possibly you can’t work from home anymore, even the ever-present cost of living crisis in the UK resulting in an understandable tightening of personal expenditure. That being said, you can often come out better off by taking the plunge.



By committing to the chosen subscription brand, often you’ll be prioritised in allocation of produce, given your loyalty shown by opting to interact on a monthly basis with this brand. For Plonk, a wine subscription involves having first access to new releases and quality wines at even better value than buying them one-off.



Further to the access to quality point, your dedication subsequently results in a greater service. Whilst all customers for all brands (should at least) receive great service, again those who have shown that desire to go on a journey with the brand, will undoubtedly get that extra little bit of attention. Take the ‘Fresh Drops’ quiz for instance – this provides a curated wine subscription box each month, rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Plus, now so more than ever, as many look to tighten expenditure, we should be seeking more from our chosen brands, analysing the added value we get, and curation from a subscription is a key component in the tick column when it comes to choosing what to stick with.



If you choose to go on a journey with a brand, you likely want to get to know in more detail the product you are consuming. There is an ever-insatiable appetite to know more about the products we interact with, their origins, the people who made them. Wine embodies this greatly, and a wine subscription is the best way to satisfy this urge for wanting to know more, with detailed information on the wines you receive, and why they were picked for you (curation there again – it’s all cyclical!).



A main deal-breaker in subscriptions is feeling tied in, a feeling that no one likes. Decent brands though will allow you to cancel at anytime, and be able to do so hassle-free (we’re one of those nice brands). This is becoming stand practice, but there are even greater levels of flex for you, such as opting for every other month, if you want to cut back a little but still indulge occasionally.


Free stuff

And if the more serious and learned points weren’t enough, subscriptions also get you lots of free stuff. ‘Fresh Drops’ provides free delivery with your monthly wine subscription, along with a free gift from like-minded companies with each box.


Subscriptions might not be everyone’s bag, but for those expressing an interest, there are a plethora of reasons to go for it, especially when it comes to a wine subscription.



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