3 wine-storage tips to help you store wine the right way

It doesn't matter if you have a couple of wine bottles or hundreds of them. You need to know how to store them properly! Otherwise, the wine quality is going to deteriorate as time passes, resulting in moments of disappointment when you finally open that long-awaited wine you've been looking forward to drinking after waiting a couple of months or even years!

So, if you want to make sure your wine will only get better in storage, here are some storage tips to help you store wine properly:


1. Only use a proper wine refrigerator

We know it's tempting to store your wine on the kitchen counter of your home. But you've got to keep in mind that that area is susceptible to heat and light. From this, you might think that your fridge will work just fine, but unless you're planning to drink your wine soon, a fridge is also a mistake. A fridge is usually too cold, and it can damage the cork, which will affect your wine.

So don't take the risk! Instead, keep your wine in a climate-controlled wine refrigerator that keeps the temperature just right to keep your wine of the best quality possible. The initial investment for a wine fridge might be a little pricy, but if you're a wine enthusiast, it is an investment that's well worth it.


2. Always store your wine bottles sideways

Your wine bottles should always be stored on their side, regardless of whether it's a glass bottle or not. Why? The cork will dry out more completely if you store the wine bottles upright. This can lead to a corked wine bottle that can create a musty and unappetising wine drinking experience in the long run.

So, whatever you do, store your bottles on their side. This keeps the cork moist and prevents the issue we've mentioned. If you need to store it upright, you can do so for a couple of weeks. However, if you plan to store them for months on end, store them sideways.


3. Keep your wine at a constant temperature and away from vibrations

Don't keep your wine in your bathroom, kitchen or any other place with a lot of moisture and temperature fluctuations. Doing this will damage the wine's cork, making it brittle and more susceptible to bacteria. Instead, store your wine on a wine rack, preferably in a room with a consistent temperature. Also, keep your wine away from areas of vibration as well, such as in the kitchen, as vibrations can get in the way of the wine's ageing.

Really, again, this is where the wine fridge comes in. It provides the perfect environment for your wine to sit, so we would again recommend that you invest in one!


Store your wine the right way

There you have it! If you're buying wine, whether it be one bottle or twenty, now you know how to properly store that wine for it to stay in good quality for a long time and even get better as time passes. Hopefully, you will all make the right storage choices now and have a better wine drinking experience than before.


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