Small Batch Winemaking Part 2

In our recent article on the subject - Small Batch Winemaking (part one), we discussed why there’s never been a better time to support small-batch winemaking and why you should purchase your plonk through an online wine retailer like Plonk, rather than the soulless supermarkets, who wouldn’t know good quality wine if it poured itself into their glass. 

In this article on small-batch winemaking (part two), we’re going to delve further into the benefits of opting to drink small-batch wine, by looking at one aspect that appeals to most small-batch proponents - rarity, something you won’t find in commercially produced wines. 

If rarity is what you crave in your wine, the wines you’ll discover through Plonk are handmade by the doyen of the winemaking world, from low yield vineyards, the produce of which is carefully nurtured to bring you a unique wine-drinking experience. 

Rarity in small-batch wine

Whether you want to invest in rare wine for your wine rack. Or you want to imbibe a wine that you know your neighbour won’t have heard of and that isn’t widely available to the rest of the wine-drinking world. Or you want to drink a wine that you know has been made in a socially, environmentally and planet-friendly fashion. Or you want to know that what you have in your glass is a limited edition product, a wine that more than likely won’t get made the exact same way again, opting for small-batch wine is the way ahead. 

Why do some winemakers choose to keep production low? For numerous reasons:

  • Because they use high-quality grapes which are expensive to grow and tough to produce on a larger scale. 
  • Because the vineyard itself is small, and therefore only grows a limited number of vines.
  • Some vintners specialise in making single vineyard wines, therefore they only have what’s grown on the vineyard to work with.
  • Most winemakers are extremely choosy about what grapes make it into the winemaking process, discarding grapes that make the cut in commercial wineries.

Small-batch wines

Love and a natural curiosity to innovate is what drives small-batch winemakers. And it’s why you, our discerning customers are here, learning about the wondrous nectar that could be sloshing around your wine glass. 

Small batch winemaking is precisely what it sounds like. It's an artisanal winemaking process where the emphasis isn’t on consistency, rather it’s on creating a wine with what nature has yielded, based on the weather and that year’s growing conditions. 

Small batch wine is made through a combination of care, patience, finger crossing and minimal intervention, resulting in the extraordinary craft wines that grace our ecom shelves. That is rare wines that are imbued with personality and soul, that are interesting and innovative. 

Mother Nature decides what goes into the wine and ultimately what it will taste like. Small batch wine instantly moves into the ‘rare wine’ leagues because how it’s created means it can’t be recreated again. 

These are the key differences between the small batch (rare) wine that could be swirling around your glass and the widely available, commercially produced wine from supermarkets. 

Why commercially produced wine isn’t rare

Commercially produced wine is created in volume, designed to be drunk by the masses. It has to be innocuous enough that it appeals to a wide range of tastes as possible. Winemaking for the big boys isn’t an art form, it’s a science. 

Commercially produced wine is a carefully created process that is controlled from start to finish. From the chemicals, they spray on the grapes, to the vinification technique they use, to the chemicals they pump into the bottle to preserve the wine. Every vintage produces the exact same bottle of wine as the one that preceded it. 

Commercial wineries don’t like variety in their wine. They want uniformity. Their bottom line relies on it. By being able to churn out the same tasting bottle of wine year after year is what their consumers expect and rely upon. 

And that’s fine if you like consistency in your wine, and you don’t want to try something new, something exciting. 

Plonk Wine

But if you want something different, if you want to try small-batch wine, you’ve come to the right place. 

We champion the small-batch winemaking techniques meaning we’re where you’ll find those super-rare, small-batch gems that nobody else has. So go on, dive in, and discover your next bottle.


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