It's true, small-batch wine isn’t cheap...

It’s true, £18.00 for a bottle is a lot of money.

Especially for wine, when you can get a bottle in the supermarket for £7.00.

Yes, we could sell cheaper wine, but if we did that, we wouldn’t be supporting the genuine small, independent winemakers around the world, where they don’t treat wine as a commodity.

Our perception of what a product is worth can also sometimes be warped by a race to the bottom. Just because you can pick up a kilo of chicken for £5.00, a T-shirt for a couple of quid or a return flight to Greece for less than your weekly food shop, you still know that something isn’t quite right about that.

The same goes for wine. If we listed commercial wine, they would be cheaper.


They wouldn’t have a genuine connection with the people making the wine.

They wouldn’t taste as good.

They wouldn’t be made with a sustainable focus.

They wouldn’t be good value for money.


It just wouldn't be Plonk.

So, we can confidently say, we will never be cheap. We think this is a good thing though as you will get what you pay for, meaning you know that buying wine online from Plonk, isn’t just any old bottle of plonk...


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