Predictions & Wine Trends 2021

Well, we all know that 2020 was a weird one (to say the least), however, we saw plenty of exciting wine trends in the world that are good indicators of where wine is going in 2021.

First and foremost, the most powerful trend for 2020 was people buying clean fruit, small and buying local. After the travesty strain on small business during the lockdown, customers were more motivated than ever to buy from smaller independent producers and retailers (like us).

By supporting smaller family businesses that prize quality over quantity as opposed to supermarkets and large chains was a trend that was already tracking, however, these motivations were greatly exaggerated by the isolation circumstances of the COVID pandemic.

If you’re reading this, then it appears you buy small and independent too. You’re awesome. Thank you for your support!

Drinkability Is King

The term 'drinkability' may look a little strange when talking about wine.

"Shouldn't all wine be drinkable??"

Well, yes, of course. But after a year like 2020, people are looking for wines that are easy to fall in love with. We want wines that are affordable, small-batch offering impressive quality and value for money, packaged sharply and offer instant drinkable pleasure.

2021 Wine Trends

Following on from the increase in demand for virtual events in 2020 with people not being able to leave their sofa, we believe that the online wine tasting space will continue to grow momentum. With corporate offices giving staff an increase in office wellbeing, we see more city offices offering their staff a weekly option to work from home, thus the demand for online wine experiences and at home virtual events will continue to rise in popularity.

The Small-batch offering - we wouldn't have started Plonk Wine Co if we didn't think that the small-batch wine offering wasn't going to continue to increase. As we mentioned earlier on, consumers are now specifically looking for wines that are affordable, and that offer impressive quality and value for money.

Sharp packaging, as we have mentioned above, with the rise in demand for the at-home consumer, nobody wants to receive a tattered old box when they place an order for some small-batch wines from a premium online shop. Luckily, with 30+ years experience in the wine + creatives trades, Plonk Wine Co will dominate this space in 2021 - big things to come!

Wine Club Subscription Models

Another really exciting model that's coming around to the UK, is that of exclusive wine club subscriptions, gone are the time of the standard wine subscription, people want to feel included, feel like they are a part of a society/club, and that is exactly why we have released our subscription: Fresh Drops in 2021. Fresh Drops is an invite-only wine club subscription model that focusses on small-batch wines, the reason why it's invite-only is that high-quality wine is finite! Plonk aims to bring drinkers closer to understanding what small-batch wine producers are all about, through a hand-picked selection of bottles, we hope to truly open you up to the world of small-batch wine.


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