Order today, drink tomorrow! (Next day wine delivery)

Ask a passer-by what their view is of the wine industry, it will often be tinged with people recounting images of stuffy, unapproachable old men, throwing their heads back in distain that you don’t know why the 1992 Bordeaux vintage was so cataclysmically horrendous.


Wine delivery for a new generation

If you’ve encountered our approach to wine, it is the opposite to this dated, antiquated way. We want to offer guidance and openness, breaking down those archaic barriers. Therefore, to give just one example, we have listed our wines by style. Simply pick a style and browse through the options.

It’s also the reason why we search tirelessly for effortlessly drinkable wines, that you can crack into right bloody now! Rather than wait more than a decade (who has that kind of patience? Honestly...).

Now the term 'drinkable' may look a little strange when talking about wine. "Shouldn't all wine be drinkable??" Well, yes, of course. But after a year like 2020, people are looking for wines that are easy to fall in love with. We want wines that are affordable, small-batch offering impressive quality and value for money, packaged sharply and offer instant drinkable pleasure.

And with that also comes a delivery service that makes you feel as welcome as the narrative we create around wine. Namely through getting your insanely drinkable wine to you as quick as is logistically possible! That’s why we offer next day wine delivery. How good?!


Great wine, transparent service

The wine industry has a long way to go still in capturing a more inclusive image. And that’s not just reserved for the product. Admittedly sending wine isn’t always cheap or straightforward, but it’s also not difficult to master. Numerous wine delivery companies still charge crazy rates, implement stupidly unattainable next day wine delivery thresholds, or frankly try to hide these costs way away in the depths of their virtual cellars (aka, their websites). Unsurprisingly, that’s not our vibe.

We know that delivery is usually the sticking point when buying wine online, especially when so many other industries have such comprehensive next day delivery offerings (wine falling behind again – quelle surprise). So, we have tried to be as accessible and transparent as possible. We make no margin on shipping at all, and we use a premium service, ensuring your bottles arrive on time and more importantly in one piece. But that means for you, any order made before 11am, we can deliver your wine the next day. Plus, orders over £150 benefit from free next day wine delivery. Crazy stuff.


“But when do I need wine the very next day...?”

Well, if you’re venturing to sunnier UK climes this year (as that is pretty much our only option – not a bad alternative though!), you can pop your holiday destination address into your order, and guess what? Next day wine delivery. Sorting your holiday drinking in style.

Similarly, you’re hosting friends round yours, and realised the day before you’ve not got enough quality booze to satisfy your guests. Hold the phone. Plonk delivers your wine the very next day. All sorted.

We like to do things differently at Plonk, and that means giving you the best experience possible.


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