Intro To Virtual Wine Tasting Events

For almost a year the wine industry has seen a huge surge in virtual wine tasting events. But what are they exactly? and how do they differ from one to the other? Below is our intro to virtual wine tasting events. 

Although the structure of these events is almost the same; wine is delivered and you taste them online with a professional presenter, the execution and delivery are what makes it fun and engaging.

What is a virtual wine tasting event?

Just because you’ve been confined to your front room for the last few months (almost the whole year), doesn’t mean you have to give up your favourite hobby - wine tasting. 

Wine tasting isn’t an activity reserved solely for large groups of people, it’s something you and your work colleagues or business clients can partake in from the comfort of your own sofa. 

That’s right. 

Thanks to the prevalence of video conferencing options, if you and your team aren’t able to get together in person to enjoy a corporate wine tasting event, then you can all get together virtually and sip some of the best vinos not available on the common market, with a Plonk online corporate wine tasting

Whether you’re hosting a virtual tasting as a way to thank your long-suffering colleagues or as a gift to strengthen client relations, our fully bespoke corporate wine tasting event is wholly customisable to help you achieve your aims.

Our intro to virtual wine tasting events:

Part of the fun and build-up is picking the theme for the wines, this is where style selections, bottle size, amount of wine to taste is chosen.

One thing we have noticed is that choices normally hover around 3 full bottles of wine, this just about seems to be the optimal amount of wine to taste over an hour or so. Themes like on-trend wines, or exploring a region or a varietal is great fun, but only if delivered by someone with extensive experience and knowledge about those varieties and wines.

It’s always good to ask who will be hosting the event and what their background in wine is. Our view is one that delivers virtual wine tasting events in an informal way, however, with serious small-batch wines that revolve around value for money.

Our sessions focus on pro tips; like how to analyse wine professionally, identify wine quality, some useful market insights and the start of your palate development. Food pairings can also be offered and tried alongside these wines, having a host who has experience in the food and wine pairing is essential for an enjoyable virtual wine event. Pairing wine with either cheese or chocolate is great too, it really gives that added taste of luxury, although a little subjective, it’s always delicious and a great experience. These normally arrive all packaged together a few days before the event. 

At Plonk we like to do some side by side comparisons, so once the wines arrive, you will need to get at least 2 glasses ready. Make sure you get the sparkling and whites in the fridge if they are a part of your selection and get comfortable. During the tasting, we aim to cover some of the following; How to taste wine professionally, removing bias and why! (just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean it isn’t good). How to identify quality in the glass, what are the key indicators of quality and ageing potential. It’s also good to speak out and ask questions, whatever springs to mind, don't be shy! 

What to expect from one of our virtual wine tasting's:

When you choose us to host your tasting we guarantee a few things, namely a great time is had by all, but that isn’t the only reason you should drink with us. 

We ensure you learn about small-batch wines in a relaxed environment. From your first welcome drink to your final sip of wine, you and your guests will experience great hospitality while you improve your understanding of the wines you’re trying. 

By the end of the wine tasting, you will have a greater appreciation for the small-batch producers we champion, as well as a preference for their small-batch wines, or at least a better idea of the different styles of wine they make.


Not all Virtual Wine Tasting Events will cover what we have stated, mainly due to our industry experience. We aim to keep delivering new content within our tastings for returning customers. This has been the foundation of the subscription model we just created. The world of wine is massive, and we are trying to open up as much of that world as possible.

Get in touch today to organise your Virtual Wine Tasting Events with us. Email or call us on, or 02045425398


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