How To Host a Virtual Wine Tasting With Friends

Hosting a Virtual Wine Tasting With Friends? Organise a curated wine tasting delivered to your door today!

After nearly a year of having strict COVID measures for all of us to stay at home (very rightly so), most of us have halted on socialising outside, and have adapted new ways of socialising, getting into the creative spirit, here we are going to show you how to host a Virtual Wine Tasting With Friends using wine from Plonk.

A Virtual Wine Tasting With Friends is the perfect way to have a fun-filled, and relaxing evening whilst we are unable to head to a lively bar. With a curated wine tasting delivered to your door, you can sit back, and relax knowing that you won't be judged by your outfit, all you need to do is apply your finest dressing gown, and prepare your webcam.

Planning a Virtual Wine Tasting with friends

If you use a company like Plonk Wine, there really is little planning ahead needed. The most important point to remember is that your evening is meant to be fun, not stuffy.

So in order to plan a fun-filled wine tasting evening, your friends will all enjoy, here is a simple structure that we use:

  • Send in your details to us (hosting date, how many people, budget per household, what your theme is).
  • We will go ahead and find the perfect wines for your tasting, and send you some options.
  • You choose the options to fit, pay the invoice, and we send you the vino! You can place the orders individually or we can designate a single invoice for the payment.
  • We can also provide you with food pairing suggestions to go with the wines chosen, this is a great way to make your evening more interactive. We even have additional options if there are non-alcoholic drinkers who wish to join in on the fun.

Remember; More structure = less chaos!

What Do I Need To Host An Online Wine Tasting with friends?

  • Wine
  • Glassware
  • Notepad (only if you want to take notes)
  • A Computer, or a smartphone with a camera
  • A zoom account, or similar

Make sure you use the right Glassware

Glassware, believe it or not, is important, if we use a straight glass, with no rim, the aromas tend to escape quickly, however, if we use a glass that has a larger bowl, and a rim at the top, the aromas have more room to grow.

Food and Wine Pairing

When pairing your food and wine, make sure you eliminate strong scents that can interfere with your tasting, strong scents like candles and infusers will really play havoc on your palate, so make sure you're in a neutral room.

When we think of snacks to pair with the wines make sure they're not too powerful in flavour! Similar to strong scents, the snacks that you nibble on throughout your tasting will interfere with the wines that you are tasting, so if you want to be in tune with what everyone else is tasting, make sure you choose similar snacks or even ask us what might pair well with the wines!

If you'd like to book a tasting using our wines, or even have us host your tasting for yourself and your friends, shoot us an email today:


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