Best wines for Christmas 2021

The 25th of this month is usually a pretty indulgent affair for most. Inordinate amounts of canapés, booze with breakfast, poultry larger than your body and so many roast potatoes you feel physically ill by the end of the day. And of course, it would be a crying shame (in our unbiased opinion) for the fanfare not to be accompanied by the odd bottle of plonk.

Catering for a variety of wine tastes isn’t always the most straightforward though. Plus, with such an array of flavours throughout the day, versatility in wine is absolutely key. So we have put together for you a Christmas wine list, covering sparkling, white and red wine (as is the general progression for many throughout the day), split into three brackets: ‘wallet pleasers’ (affordable under £20 options, ideal if there are a lot of you gathering on the day), ‘what a beauty’ (exceptional quality at £20-40) and ‘pushing out the good ship wine’ (super-luxury wines that’ll caress the taste buds of all).


Christmas sparkling wine

With the bottles being popped from early in the day, something sparkling really is the only way to go first off.

Wallet pleaser

Pizzini Wines Brachetto 2018 from King Valley, Australia - £14.95

Crazy fragrant with a refreshing sweetness, and with a low ABV, it’s a great way to kick things off. So easy to drink though that a single glass does not seem enough…

What a beauty

Ambriel Rosé Brut 2014 from West Sussex, England - £28.95

Probably the best English fizz we have tasted (the 2015 is right up there too!). It's a traditional method Brut Rosé made from 100% Pinot Noir. Easily premier cru champagne standard without the price tag. The standout thing here though is the length. The complexity and layers on the back pallet last for minutes after you tasted it. The perfect Christmas wine with your morning eggs, canapés or present opening.

Pushing out the good ship wine

Champagne Irroy Extra Brut NV Magnum - £56.00

If there’s ever a time for a magnum, it’s Christmas. This Extra Brut is a blend of 35% Pinot Noir, 35% Pinot Meunier, 30% Chardonnay. It’s actually a blend of 25 different Crus too. This is important as it adds a lot of developed and mature flavours that vintage Champagne is famous for. However, as it’s in a Non-Vintage, you don’t have the price tag attached. Start as you mean to go on!


Christmas white wine

The natural progression is then onto the whites. Below is a selection of white wines that we’ve opted for due to their moreish nature but also their ability to pair with potential seafood starters on the day, as well as with turkey, since not everyone will migrate to the reds later on!

Wallet pleaser

Jules Taylor Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2019 from Marlborugh, New Zealand - £16.95

A truly perfect example of Kiwi Sauv. Family owned and operated, vegan friendly and most importantly, not made for market! The grapes come off of a mix of vineyards, those being: Taylor Pass, Awatere & Omaka Valleys, Lower Wairau & Hawkesbury. This is important as a mix of vineyards help maintain consistency and overall quality. Far more than your standard Sauvignon Blanc.

What a beauty

Pieropan ‘La Rocca’ Soave Classico 2019 from Veneto, Italy - £27.95

A single vineyard expression of Garganega from Veneto. Once poured, the aromas of ripe tropical fruit just jump out of the glass. Golden hue, lots of concentration and texture with a lot of spice, nut and cream. Long and scented length and extremely food-friendly!

Pushing out the good ship wine

Irrewarra Chardonnay 2019 from Western Victoria, Australia - £42.95

Wow. An absolutely stunning Christmas wine here. A wine brought to you by Nick from By Farr. A few things to note, first, Nick is a gun winemaker with some serious pedigree about him. He has proven for over 15 years now, that he can make some of the best Pinot and Chardonnay in the world.

Irrewarra is a small town in Western Victoria, there are vineyards there that Nick has gotten hold of and represents the entry-level wines in the By Farr portfolio. Don't let that put you off, this wine is truly special. If you haven't experienced Nick's wines before, start here.


Christmas red wine

What better way to see the day off with sumptuous, smooth reds to pair with the main meal, meat and veg alike, along with the mandatory cheeseboard and Christmas pudding.

Wallet pleaser

Elvio Tintero Nebbiolo 2018 from Langhe, Italy - £13.95

Deliciously attractive in colour, gorgeously fragrant and fresh, tannins up-front but very manageable, red berry fruit all the way to the end. This is Langhe Nebbiolo at its best.

What a beauty

Res Fortes Traveller 2019 from Roussillon, France - £31.00

The Traveller is the newest wine Moritz has added to his portfolio. 100% Syrah from selected vineyards. The idea here is to really showcase the quality of fruit. Therefore, no oak at all is used in this wine. It's 100% stainless steel ferment and maturation. This method emphasises the fruit profile but the bottle ageing adds softness. All this makes it perfect with Christmas dinner. It's seriously good.

Pushing out the good ship wine

Château Ségla, Margaux 2015 from Bordeaux, France - £49.99

Ahhh Bordeaux, a lot of people think this region is the epitome of red wine production. In some cases maybe it is, but like any other wine region in the world, they're good and bad producers. In our experience, Bordeaux is one of the hardest regions to find value for money, mainly due to the fact of the famous tag that goes along with it. However, there are gems hidden amongst the many vineyards. Château Ségla of famed Second Growth Château Rauzan-Ségla is one of those.

Critics think that this vintage had all the components to be one of the best. And Christmas calls for the best. With 6 years in the bottle, this wine is looking seriously good.

If you want to go all out, be sure to get into our Vintage Bordeaux Pack’ (£285.00) – six bottles from Château Ségla, three of the aforementioned 2015 vintage and three of the 2006 – an unbeatable combination for Christmas dinner.


P.S. The last day for orders for a pre-Christmas delivery is Sunday 19th December.


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