Benefits of joining a wine club for aspiring connoisseurs

Wine subscriptions offer access to new and exciting wine experiences and bring the world of wine to your doorstep, often for much less money than you'd spend shopping retail. With that said, let's explore the benefits of wine clubs in general. 

Why join a wine club?

Wine subscriptions give you unparalleled access to wine

The concept of a monthly wine subscription isn't new, but today's wine clubs have progressed in many ways, allowing customers to customise their programs to their preferences. The best wine subscription services now make use of technology that allows each wine enthusiast to have a say in the wines that are chosen and delivered. In this approach, wine subscriptions provide wine discovery that the client has influence over, which is a welcome break from the existing industry standard of a famous wine critic deciding what was "excellent," ignoring the fact that "good" is ultimately a very personal judgment.

With today's wine subscriptions, you may choose from award-winning, red, white, and mixed wine collections, discover excellent sparkling wines, visit the globe of wine, and even get wine-savvy with a wine school, all without leaving your house.

Today's wine subscriptions understand that first-time, new wine experiences are remarkable because they open the door to exploration and adventure. But it's also critical that you can re-order a wine if you fall in love with it. The best wineries and wine subscription services not only personalise your wine discoveries to your preferences but also let you reorder your favourites. 

Wine subscriptions save you money

Clubs often purchase bigger amounts of wine (purchasing in bulk results in a reduced bottle price), and they do not have to deal with a distributor, which adds another layer of cost. In general, wine clubs can provide lower bottle costs. Just keep in mind that there are delivery expenses to consider. You could spend all day crunching figures and calculating your value advantage, but I'd recommend picking a wine club that fits your personality. Some specialise in aged Cabernet Sauvignon (see The California Wine Club's Aged Cabernet Series), while others cater to a wide range of preferences from throughout the world.

Wine clubs help you learn about wine

Some wine subscriptions are nothing more than a bottle delivery service, but the best ones offer more. They offer wine education, wine tasting events, champagne flutes delivered to your door, and more. New members can often access wine schools and wine tasting events. Other special offers may include wine accessories such as corkscrews, cheese boards, wine glasses, or personalised wine stoppers. 

Gain access to expert wine advice

This is the most significant benefit of wine clubs. Some wine clubs include knowledgeable wine experts to help you select the right bottles for your tastes (see Quince & Apple). Other clubs have clubs by region or grapes and offer a recommendation tailored to your taste.

In addition to selecting the "right" wine, wine experts can also help you pick a bottle from the wine menu at an unfamiliar restaurant, select a wine for a specific occasion, or select a wine for a gift.

Wine subscriptions are a great way to get the most out of a wine experience. If you're looking for a new, innovative way to taste new wines, are interested in wine tasting events, or want to learn more about wine, then joining a wine club may be the perfect choice for you.


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