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Isaac Cider, Refraction Medium-Sweet 50cl



    Isaac Cider, Refraction Medium-Sweet is a rich full-bodied Dorset Cider made from Dabinett bittersweet cider apples. It delivers a complex flavour, full of tannin and a hint of crunchy acidity.

    The Isaac cider orchard has been on the family farm for over 60 years. It’s been the focal point of both the brother’s growing up and their Dad before them. Growing up, every year their friends would come together for parties underneath the blossom in the spring drinking the previous year’s homebrew on the promise they’d be back again come harvest to pick apples for the next batch.

    Previously they would always sell the apples to the big cider makers until they discovered through some ancestry research that they were descendants of the great renaissance scientist, Sir Isaac Newton, hence the name Isaac’s! Isaac Cider is what the lads came up with. An honouring of their heritage but also a celebration of the county and friends that make their farm so special.