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Henschke Hill of Grace 2016
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Henschke Hill of Grace 2016



    Henschke Hill of Grace 2016 in our opinion is just a better wine than Grange. Let me explain. Hill of Grace (HOG) is a single vineyard expression of 100% Shiraz vines that have three varying ages. The oldest vines, known as Ancestors are 160 years old, they sit alongside a small selection of 100-year-old vines, called Centenarians and then finally some 35 years old vines which are planted on their own rootstock. Grange is a multi-vineyard and multidistrict expression. With HOG, we are looking specifically at some of the oldest vines on the planet from the Eden Valley. It's a true take on the term sub-regional and single vineyard. Year in year out, you see the potential this vineyard has and also the subtle differences brought on by varying years climate. What's better than that?

    Seriously allocated and punchy. But steel yourself, be brave and be one of the very few to experience a genuinely true and honest old vine, single vineyard Shiraz.