CVNE Monopole Clasico Blanco 2017
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CVNE Monopole Clasico Blanco 2017



    CVNE Monopole Clasico Blanco 2017 has the most interesting story behind it. The cool thing about this wine its the process and its history. Uniquely its a blend of Viura and Palomino. With the Palomino component being Manzanilla and brought up from Cadiz. This addition, therefore, gives the Clasico an amazingly complex aromatic profile. Which integrates perfectly with the Viura.

    Upon pouring the wine is bright gold with loads of aroma. It's actually pretty intense on the nose with so many layers of flavours. Dried apple, nuts, yoghurt, blossom and bready tones. The palate is bone dry and fresh. Concentrated layers upfront and then the texture hits. Mouth-watering lemon, apple and yoghurt and one hell of a length.

    Viura grapes are hand-harvested, crushed and softly pressed. The juice then goes straight into concrete vats for fermentation. After the ferment, the juice spends 8 months on its lees. Allowing the wine to soften, develop texture and concentration. In addition to the Viura, a small amount of Manzanilla is added. The Manzanilla is made using the traditional methods where the wine is biologically aged under a layer of flor yeast.

    The vintage cycle was 161 days long, what does this mean? It means from budburst in spring, to harvesting in late summer took 161 days. 2017 was one of the better years in Rioja. It was a dry winter that led into a rainy spring, however. Summer temperatures were slightly above average and very dry. As a result, the vegetative cycle was delayed. Rain arrived in September allowing the grapes to reach optimal ripeness however delaying the harvest date.

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