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'Aperitif Central'

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    Our monthly wine subscription allows you to try three amazing, small-batch wines every month, hassle-free. However, we know that a subscription can be daunting for some (even though we make it so that you can stop at anytime!), so we have made our September 2022 box available here as a one-off purchase, just to give you a little taster of what you could be in-store for on a regular basis!

    You will still get the three delicious wines, as well as the accompanying information and food pairings card, you'll just miss out on free delivery and a little gift that we throw into each box. If you did what to join our monthly subscription, just click here.

    Our September 2022 box focused on the ideal wines for aperitif. With summer having passed, and the pub garden itch well and truly satisfied, we're very much heading back into hosting season. And all good gatherings start with a good aperitif. That first drink really sets the tone for the evening ahead, so the month's wines are all geared towards getting the soirée off to the best start possible.

    1x Principiano Dosset Vino Rosso 2021

    1x Colle Stefano Verdicchio di Matelica 2021

    1x Les Trois Fontaines Rouge 2020