Wines here may sometimes be older with development or they may be youthful but they will always be elegant. A focus on a softer mouthfeel, elegant and smooth tannin varying from light to medium-bodied. Dried fruit rather than fresh with lots of layers on the aroma and palate. Think Bordeaux, Burgundy, some Pinot Noirs and even Malbec. Long complex length and lots of layers. Serve at cellar temperature.

Red Wine - Smooth and delicate (15)

Château des Antonins Bordeaux Supérieur...


Cantina di Gambellara Monopolio Merlot...


Anderson Hill Wheely Good Pinot...


Château Ségla, Margaux 2006


La Giuva, 'Il Rientro' Valpolicella...


Pizzini Nonna Gisella Sangiovese 2018


Anderson Hill O Series Pinot...


Domaine Combiers Beaujolais Elegance 2018


Argiano Brunello di Montalcino DOCG...