Big, spicy and bold wines with pronounced aromas, ripe fruit and max flavour. Normally big tannin, with a warm palate and lots of length. Emphasis on lees and oak flavours give lots of complexity. Full-bodied and very juicy. Can be punchy monsters with a spicy length and kick. Think new world Syrah/Shiraz, Cabernets and Grenache. Great barbecue wine and will probably stain your teeth. Depending on the vintage, these wines may need a hefty decanting!

Red Wine - Big and spicy (37)

Res Fortes Rouge 2016


Austin Bailey Malbec 2017


The Earth Beneath Our Feet...


Arom Calatayud Garnacha 2018


Domaine Jean-Yves Millaire Bordeaux "Château...


Asua Rioja Crianza 2017


Zuccardi Paraje Altamira Concreto Malbec...


Château Ségla, Margaux 2015


Henschke Johanns Garden GSM 2017